COVID-19 response

Bombay Halwa Ltd COVID-19 response

As soon as COVID-19 pandemic started we developed a Coronavirus Policy based on specific COVID-19 risk assessment. We implemented control measures based on the UK Government, Public Health of England, HSE and Industry guidance. We continue doing that as the situation develops and the new guidance becomes available.

We are following the UK Government advise on ‘Five Steps to Safer Working Together’ principles
We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work here.
We implemented protective measures to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 as low as reasonably practicable.


Our main management controls and preventative measures are the following: 

  • A detailed COVID19 risk assessment has been carried out
  • We have enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with current Guidance
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work safely from COVID-19 Secure workplace
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in our workplace
  • Where people occasionally cannot keep 2m apart we are doing everything practicable to reduce and minimise the transmission risk, e.g.:
  • All colleagues are advised to come to work only if they are fit and well
  • Our managers and supervisors discuss the current COVID-19 situation and developments with our staff on daily basis
  • We have a robust Return to Work system
  • We developed a strong Visitor’s policy and Visitor’s management system to ensure our visitors are fit and well when coming onto our site
  • We maintain our regular high standards of hygiene, cleaning, and Good Manufacturing Practice, with an additional emphasis on specific COVID-19 controls at our daily GMP audits
  • We manage the amount of people in the common areas to ensure social distancing and staggering our shifts
  • We ask our staff and all the visitors to wear face visors and face covering as additional mitigation measures
  • We redesign our workplace arrangements ensuring that social distance is maintained: e.g. Zig-Zag line on conveyor belts, positioning all our workers side-by-side or back-to-back rather than face-to-face
  • We keep our colleagues updated and briefed on all the developments
  • We continue working together with our Health and Safety representatives and Union representatives to ensure our risk controls are robust, clearly communicated and followed at our workplaces

This crisis has tested our industry as never before, and we are extremely proud of being able to support and help our country in this difficult time and supply food to the nation. We will continue monitoring situation and ensure protection of health, safety and well being of our colleagues and our customers.