'Royal' New Packaging

Bombay Halwa established in 1973 as the original UK producer of ‘Royal’ branded Authentic Indian Sweets

Today we produce and supply a wide range of Indian Chilled Desserts to all major UK multiples.

Our Chilled Desert Packaging developed in the 1980’s to represent our brand, identity and has remained the same till date.


Many companies do re-brand on a regular basis to keep pace with the changing market and consumer trends. We however took the route of acknowledging that our Royal brand and its packaging are unique and thus decided to stick with our known and loved classic packaging, through the years.

However, now we feel that the time is right to introduce a more contemporary look to our Royal packaging and are delighted to share with you our brand-new packaging designs.

In the planning stages of this project, it became apparent that ensuring key recognisable features remained the same, was very important to our team, with our prominent logo taking centre stage.

Our key aim was to modernise the design and reiterate that we pride ourselves on the Royal brand being a true Authentic British Indian brand with the British flag, appearing on our original packaging and remaining at the heart of our new design.

We are immensely proud of our marketing team who have done a brilliant job at introducing subtle changes, whilst ensuring our important brand messages remain apparent and resonate with our customers.

Do look out for this new packaging, at stockists nationwide.

Photography: Ryan Ball

Brain Child: Hanoz Faruzan

Design Approval: Zeenat Harnal

Before....                                                    And After....

Old Design      New packaging